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Info Sapiens Omnibus is a monthly nationally representative survey, conducted on demand of several clients using a method of face-to-face interview at a respondent’s home. During martial law, the method of data collection was changed to telephone interviews (CATI). Each Client receives the answers to their own questions and additionally the answers to the questions from the block of socio-demographic characteristics of a respondent. Omnibus sample size is 1,000 interviews. This is the cheapest type of survey for a small number of questions.

If you would like to add questions to Omnibus, please contact Alla Omelchuk: alla.omelchuk@sapiens.com.ua

Omnibus schedule for 2022
Month / stage of the research Updating the questionnaire until Field work Datasets and tables
JanuaryUntil 04.01.202210.01-31.01.2022Until 07.02.2022
FebruaryUntil 27.01.202201.02-24.02.2022Until 04.03.2022
MarchUntil 22.03.202224.03-28.03.2022Until 04.04.2022
AprilUntil 05.04.202210.04-14.04.2022Until 21.04.2022
MayUntil 04.05.202210.05-17.05.2022Until 20.05.2022
JuneUntil 07.06.202210.06-19.06.2022Until 22.06.2022
JulyUntil 07.07.202212.07-19.07.2022Until 22.07.2022
AugustUntil 05.08.202210.08-17.08.2022Until 22.08.2022
SeptemberUntil 06.09.202209.09-18.09.2022Until 21.09.2022
OctoberUntil 05.10.202211.10-18.10.2022Until 21.10.2022
NovemberUntil 07.11.202210.11-17.11.2022Until 22.11.2022
DecemberUntil 05.12.202209.12-18.12.2022Until 21.12.2022
The schedule is preliminary, and we reserve the right to change it within a calendar month (due to martial law). An exact schedule for the next month is available on request

The questions are added to Omnibus on a confidential basis, in other words, the results will not be passed on to other buyers of the research results. The cost of adding questions to one wave of the research is indicated below (the price is indicated for the Excel spreadsheets of the distribution of the answers to the questions by the main socio-demographic groups).

Cost per question for 2022
Type of question Price, UAH (excl. VAT)
Closed (2-5 options)5140
Closed (6-10 options)6470
Opened (number, amount and so on)7580
Opened (list of brands and so on)8580
Opened (attitude, descriptive and so on)10760
The scale of assessments/statements (for each statement)1480
Ranking up to 5 items6900

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